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1.What is the properties of anhydrous sodium sulfate?
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2.What is the facts of sodium sulphate anhydrous?

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3.What is anhydrous sodium sulfate’s usage?
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Applications of Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous

Sodium sulphate anhydrous is a kind of white homogeneous fine particles or powder which is odorless and non-toxic. Generally speaking, it is easy to be soluble into water and aqueous solution was alkaline. It will be oxidized to sulfate in contact with air, and be decomposed into sodium sulfide in high temperature. Moreover, sodium sulphate anhydrous is easily oxidized by oxygen in air after damp, which is a reducing agent. Besides, according to the amount of sodium sulphate anhydrous content, it can be classified into sodium sulphate anhydrous 99% min, sodium sulphate anhydrous 98%min, and sodium sulphate anhydrous 97% min. It is significant chemical material that has wide-range use in many fields. The following article is mainly about its concrete applications and precautions of handling them.
    In the printing industry, sodium sulphate anhydrous is used as a deoxidizer and bleach that can scour a variety of cotton fabrics. It can play the part in preventing the local oxidation of cotton fiber and improving the strength of fiber. In food industry, it can be used as bleaching agents, preservatives, leavening agent, antioxidants, color agents and preservatives, but it is toxic. So in the process of production, we must strictly control the amount that is added into food. In leather industry, it can be used to deal with leather to make them soft, plump, tough as well as has the properties of fracture resistance, waterproof and wear resistant. In addition, it can be used to manufacture sodium sulfide, sodium silicate (water glass) and other chemical products for chemical industry, cooking agent in the process of manufacturing kraft pulp in paper industry, cosolvent in the place of sodium carbonate and reducing agent in process of producing M-phenylenediamine, 25 - bared Trazodone, an amino acid. All in all, sodium sulphate anhydrous is nearly used in all industries and the wide applications determines its significant status in society.
    Since sodium sulphate anhydrous is easily soluble in water, it has the characteristic of hygroscopicity. So it is not suitable to store them for a long time. Moreover, there are some precautions about sodium sulphate anhydrous storage. Firstly, it should be stored n a cool, dry place, 50 kilograms per ench bag (net weight). Then packaging must be sealed and not in contact with air to prevent moisture deterioration. Last but not least, it is forbidden to transport them with those chemical materials, such as oxidants, strong acids and harmful toxic substances. In addition, we must take the rain and sunlight into consideration among transportation. Furthermore, there are many precautions of operating sodium sulphate anhydrous. The operator must go through specialized training and strictly abide by operation rules. It is suggested that operators should wear respirators that is self-absorption through leaching, wearing chemical protective safety glasses, protective clothing, rubber gloves and so on, avoid generating dust and being contact with oxidizing agents, acids. Moreover, operators must be carful to upload to prevent the damage of packaging and containers.
     All in all, sodium sulphate anhydrous is a important substance that can be involved in many industries.