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1.What is the properties of anhydrous sodium sulfate?
Sodium sulfate is in ...

2.What is the facts of sodium sulphate anhydrous?

Sodium sulphate is found ...
3.What is anhydrous sodium sulfate’s usage?
Sodium sulphate is mainly used in laundry detergents...

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The Advantages of Anhydrous sodium sulfate

Anhydrous sodium sulfate , also known as Glauber’s salt , sodium sulfate ;Appearance: white uniform fine particles or powder . Odorless , salty and with a bitter taste .Density : 2.68g/cm.Melting point of 884 ℃. Soluble in water , solubility within the 0-30.4 ℃ rapidly with increasing temperature . Soluble in glycerin , insoluble in ethanol. Solution was neutral . When the solution is lower than 32.38 ℃ , places ten monohydrate crystallization . Higher than 32.38 ℃ begins with anhydrous sodium sulfate crystallization .

Mainly used for drying organic solvents except water, in addition to the effect of water fast , remaining less so . Dyes and additives can also be used as a filler to adjust the concentration of dyes and additives , so that up to standard levels . Also be used as direct dyes , sulfur dyes , vat dyes in the dye -promoting agent when cotton , silk dyeing direct and acid dyes in wool and animal fibers of slow dye , printed silk fabrics are also used when refining the background protective agent . Manufacture of kraft pulp and paper industry as a cooking agent when . Na2SO4 Pharmaceutical grade industry as a barium salt poisoning antidote. In addition, for the glass , the construction industry and so on. !