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1.What is the properties of anhydrous sodium sulfate?
Sodium sulfate is in ...

2.What is the facts of sodium sulphate anhydrous?

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3.What is anhydrous sodium sulfate’s usage?
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Usage of Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous 98% min


Sodium sulfate anhydrous, also known as thenardite, has a formula of Na2SO4. Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous 98% min is in the form of hygroscopic white powder, and has no odor. Glauber’s salt is also a synonym for sodium sulfate anhydrous and is commonly used in the industries. It has an appearance of white crystalline solid and is chemically very stable. It is unreactive toward most oxidizing or reducing agents at normal temperatures. In addition to that, it can be converted to sodium sulfide at high temperature by carbo-thermal reduction. Anhydrous sodium sulfate 98% is soluble in water, but insoluble in ethanol. This compound is stable under ordinary conditions, but at a high temperature, it is reduced to sodium sulfide.
Anhydrous Sodium Sulfate 98% is mainly applied in the following four categories: powder detergents as a processing aid and as a filler, wood pulp processing for making kraft paper, textile dyeing processes as a levelling agent to penetrate evenly, and molten glass process to remove small air bubbles. Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous 98% is employed also as a raw material for the production of various chemicals.
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