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1.What is the properties of anhydrous sodium sulfate?
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2.What is the facts of sodium sulphate anhydrous?

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The Market Condition of Sodium Sulphate


       Sodium sulphate(Na2SO4) is a white orthorhombic crystal solid or powder which is employed in a wide array of industrial applications. It is a sodium salt of sulphuric acid which is soluble in water, non toxic and tastes salty. The decahydrate of sodium sulphate (Na2SO4 . 10H2O) is commonly known as Glauber’s salt. Glauber’s salt was discovered by a German/Dutch chemist, Johann Rudolf Glauber, in 1625. It is a white monoclinic crystal which on contact with dry air efflorescence’s to form anhydrous sodium sulphate. This article will mainly analyze the market condition of sodium sulphate powder.
  Na2SO4 is commonly known as sodium sulfate. And in the current market, sodium sulphate can be divided two main kinds from the perspective of production process, that is to say, mining method sodium sulphate and byproduct sodium sulphate which is produce by industrial salt. Most of the sodium sulphate anhydrous suppliers produce the different kinds of quality sodium sulphate. They always have high impurity content, the main content of sodium sulphate is low. Generally speaking, some sodium sulphate factories produce the sodium sulphate 98%,which the price is about 380-420 yuan / ton. And others manufacturers only have the content of sodium sulphate of about 80-93%, and the market mainstream price is about 180-280 yuan / ton. For mining process, sodium sulphate can be classified as acidic, neutral and alkaline according to the different PH values. And this kind of sodium sulphate manufacturers are mainly in Yunnan, Sichuan, Chongqing, Qinghai and southwest regions. And for these areas, the quotation of sodium sulphate is about the high-end price is 50-600 yuan/ton, and the mainstream offer 500-550 yuan / ton.
  Factories still represent the current sales are just so so, and sales peak has passed. They are now in a consolidation phase, at the end will have to see whether it will bottom out the changing needs of the export market. These are the information about the market situation of sodium sulphate.