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1.What is the properties of anhydrous sodium sulfate?
Sodium sulfate is in ...

2.What is the facts of sodium sulphate anhydrous?

Sodium sulphate is found ...
3.What is anhydrous sodium sulfate’s usage?
Sodium sulphate is mainly used in laundry detergents...

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Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous News

Sodium Sulphate Market Development in Future

Detergent industry is set to define the overall flow of the Na2SO4 market’s development in future, as this end-use application takes up around 40-42% of the total volume. The Middle East and Asia are expecting lavish demand growth through 2015 alluring more investment projects. Sodium sulphate anhydrous demand for glass industry applications is forecast to indicate good growth rates – up to 2.7%.
Despite the markets of Europe and the USA being developed and sufficient enough, these regions are also projected to expand the demand for sodium sulphate as the material is widely used as an alternative to more expensive ingredients. Manufacturers in these developed markets will escalate the production volume vividly in the coming 4-5 years.
Detailed review and forecast on global, regional and country markets of SODIUM SULFATE PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE can be found in the new market research report “Sodium Sulphate 97%: 2011 World Market Outlook and Forecast” that covers present situation, historical background and future forecast and addresses comprehensive data showing sodium sulphate capacities, production, consumption, trade statistics, and prices in the recent years are provided (globally, regionally and by country).