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1.What is the properties of anhydrous sodium sulfate?
Sodium sulfate is in ...

2.What is the facts of sodium sulphate anhydrous?

Sodium sulphate is found ...
3.What is anhydrous sodium sulfate’s usage?
Sodium sulphate is mainly used in laundry detergents...

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Discussing Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous MSDs


Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous MSDs has an appearance of white crystalline solid and is chemically very stable. It does not decompose, even if heated, and it does not react with oxidizing or reducing agents at normal temperatures. At high temperatures, it can be reduced to sodium sulfide. It is a neutral salt, with a pH of 7 when dissolved in water, because it is derived from a strong acid (sulfuric acid) and a strong base (sodium hydroxide).Anhydrous Sodium Sulfate occurs in arid environments as the mineral thenardite.
 Sodium Sulfate Anhydrous can be used as fill agent to make sulfate paper pulp at paper making industry, instead of soda ash at glass industry.This product also acts as fill agent at fuel industry.Besides, Anhydrous Sodium Sulfate applies in produce synthetic fibre, process hides , coloured metallurgy , enamel , soap etc. At dye printing industry, Sodium Sulfate Anhydrous can be used for assistant dye agent. In medicine industry, it applies for catabatic lax reagent and barium salt toxicosis antidote etc.
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