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1.What is the properties of anhydrous sodium sulfate?
Sodium sulfate is in ...

2.What is the facts of sodium sulphate anhydrous?

Sodium sulphate is found ...
3.What is anhydrous sodium sulfate’s usage?
Sodium sulphate is mainly used in laundry detergents...

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Since October 1994, I voted on the company Sodium Sulfate an engineering, began to get involved in the field of chemical salt, in a short span of four years, closely rely on scientific and technological progress, hold high the banner of Spark, by virtue of the unique courage and wisdom, so that the sodium sulphate anhydrous growing scale of production, the annual output in 1998 reached 250,000 tons, products and quickly occupied East China market "large Jiangshan" Sodium Sulfateand monopolized the Chinese export market, and Shanxi, Sichuan, the three pillars of the formation.

Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous Sodium Sulfate

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Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous Sodium Sulfate